12-Month Content Marketing Plan

This in-depth offering is so much more than *just* an editorial calendar (although that’s included, too!).

Many real estate professionals know they should be taking advantage of content marketing, but it can be overwhelming and downright daunting to get started.

The Home Scribe Creative 12-Month Content Marketing Plan package takes the guesswork out of planning your next 12 months of content. (And, if you’re not quite ready for a 12-month commitment, you have the option to opt in for just a 6-month plan if you keep scrolling.)

When we get started, you’ll be required to fill out an intake form where you’ll share key information about your business, your goals, and your resources. From here, we can either collaborate or I can take the reins and develop a plan with a strong content strategy for your business.

Types of content that I can help you plan include:

Supplemental Content

  • Social media posts (Facebook, Instagram)

  • E-mail newsletters

Core Content:

  • Blog posts

  • Evergreen website content

  • Videos

Your 12-Month Content Marketing Plan includes:

  • A calendar that clearly lists what needs to be published and promoted each day

  • Working titles of each piece of core content (up to 1 piece of core content per week, with unlimited supplemental content that makes the most sense for your unique plan)

  • Guidance on what to post for each social media post

  • In-depth, step-by-step action items for how to create each piece of content

  • Recommendations and best practices for creating each type of content

The 12-Month Content Marketing Plan does NOT include actual content creation or posting (such as researching, writing, editing, publishing, social media posts, etc.).

Once you receive the plan, I set you free into the wild world of the internet to create and implement the plan as you see fit! Let’s say you’re the owner of a brokerage: My goal is to provide you with a plan that you can hand off to your marketing manager, and they will have a detailed editorial calendar that will guide them through the entire year.

If you need assistance with other components not included in the 12-Month Content Marketing Plan, I am happy to assist you at my hourly rate.

If you were to take full advantage of the entire package, here is an example of one week:


Is this offering right for you?

The 12-Month Content Marketing Plan is great for:

  • Real estate brokerages with a marketing manager and/or marketing team who can guide and implement the plan

  • Real estate teams and single agents who are ready to utilize their business website and/or social media platforms that are already in place

Once I receive notification of your purchase, I will reach out to you about next steps. You can expect to hear from me within 1-2 business days.

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12-Month Content Marketing Plan
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