Home Listing Blog Post Example: Remodeled Condo

To see an example of a blog post we wrote about a home listing, scroll down! We received this submission from a real estate agent, and all they had to do was send us a link to the listing online.

All listing links must:

  • Be public.
  • List the home’s basic features (number of bedrooms and bathrooms, any additional features and amenities).
  • Feature photos of the listing (so we can describe it accurately!).
  • Include listing remarks.
  • Include any additional notes about which aspects you would like emphasized.

Home Listing Blog Post Submission Email

Home Scribe Creative,

Hey! I have a listing that I’d like a blog post written about. Here is the link: [link to public, online listing]. Thanks very much!
-Jane Doe

It’s as simple as that! Below, you’ll find what we wrote based on Jane’s public, online listing:

Remodeled 2-Bedroom Condo in Capitol Hill’s Historic Brickstone

Tucked away on the second floor of the historic Brickstone building, this breathtakingly beautiful 2-bedroom vintage condo boasts a prime location in Seattle’s popular Capitol Hill neighborhood. Located at 3456 N 17th Ave and built in 1912, this freshly remodeled residence offers a seamless blend of historic charm alongside fabulous modern amenities!

Poised to meet your every need, this 800-sq-ft. home is ready for everything from evenings of lively entertainment with family and friends to relaxing nights spent with a good book and a glass of wine in hand. The formal dining room offers the ideal location for your next dinner party, replete with a contemporary chandelier and one-of-a-kind, slate-colored wooden floors. Fashion and function await in the living room, a dynamic space that boasts handsome, generously sized built-in shelves that have been refurbished from original wood. Additionally, a sturdy armoire provides plenty of space to proudly display cherished art, keepsakes, and favorite books.

When it’s time to whip up something delicious, the newly remodeled kitchen offers a trendy space to spend time in. Shining white shelves, cabinetry, and appliances exist as the pinnacle of modern sophistication, providing both eye-catching style and ample counter and storage space for all of your needs. Charm and elegance are further elevated by countertops of deep, chocolate-hued wood and updated stainless steel accents. A dining nook—adjacent to a window offering lovely views of mature trees and lush foliage amidst the cityscape—is perfect for a quick bite before work or a slow, lazy weekend morning.

In the master bedroom, you’ll find more of the Brickstone’s classic touches—a solitary pane of original, hand-crafted stained glass dresses the top of an expansive window, and the built-in mantle and fireplace completes the room, ensuring that vacation-quality relaxation is within reach anytime!

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