How to Make “Happy Birthday” Posts on Social Media Useful & Interesting

One of the most common types of social media posts I see brokerages do is the post that wishes a real estate agent “Happy Birthday!”

I get why brokerages do this. It can be hard to know what to post sometimes, and wishing someone a “happy birthday” is a pretty low-risk, cheerful social media post.

The thing is… I’ve noticed that these posts receive very little engagement, and in my honest opinion… they’re pretty boring! (You might even cause some people to unlike your page if they feel like they’re being spammed with random happy birthday posts for people they don’t know!)

But these types of posts don’t having to be boring! You can make them work for you and serve a purpose. Now, I really don’t even think you need to be doing birthday posts, but you SHOULD be highlighting each of your agents’ expertise. Either way, here are a few ideas for making these posts more interesting:

This is just one example of a way to make those “Happy birthday” posts more interesting.

This is just one example of a way to make those “Happy birthday” posts more interesting.

Use birthday posts as an opportunity to showcase the birthday agent’s local expertise.

There are so many different ways to do this! One example is to put together a social media post that highlights an agent’s favorite things about the neighborhood or city they work in. I used myself in the example on the left. You could post this graphic on Facebook and Instagram (the one downside is that this has too much text to boost), and maybe even link to a blog post that expounds on the “neighborhood favorites” a bit more.

And of course, wish the agent happy birthday in the main post if you’d like, and tag the agents’ Facebook business page, Instagram account, etc. in the post as well. You should also tag any businesses or other relevant pages in the post.

Share fun facts about an agent.

Make it silly and interesting! Put together a fun list of personal tidbits that could be entertaining and offer an opportunity for people to connect more with an agent. So often, I feel that what truly makes a real estate agent unique can get a bit lost in their professional bio and headshot. And people love Q&As—they’re easy to skim!

You might decide to go with a real estate theme and ask agents to share their funniest or most awkward home tour story, or maybe their favorite HGTV show. Or maybe you can do an entertainment Q&A and share favorite movies, bands, actors, TV shows, etc. There are so many fun ways to do this, and not every idea will suit every brokerage’s “vibe.” Choose something that works with your brand and overall marketing strategy… just make sure it isn’t boring!

Make it personal.

Take this opportunity to share something that the agent does in their personal time, or something that makes them unique. Many agents have an “agent persona”—basically, who we see on their bio page or their website’s “About” page. Who knew that agent with a suit and tie on in their headshot is actually a drag queen on the weekends?! Or what about the agent who plays drums in a band, has traveled to all seven continents, or is an avid Star Wars fan with a whole room in their home devoted to their obsession?

HomeScribeCreative_How to Make “Happy Birthday” Posts on Social Media Interesting.jpg

All of this is interesting stuff and opportunity to connect with people on a more personal level. These types of posts should create a gateway for people to learn more about the agent. So, along with sharing a photo that shows off the agent enjoying their hobby and some info about it, be sure to tag their social accounts, link their website, and of course, wish them a happy birthday if you’d like.

Have a different theme each year.

At the beginning of each year, decide what your “theme” will be. Maybe it’s asking agents about their favorite neighborhoods, maybe it’s the fun facts theme. Pass out surveys to all of your agents all at once and set a deadline for them to turn in their answers. You can prepare the content for the entire year at once to make it easy! Or, if you have a huge brokerage, it might be easier to do one month at a time for the agents with birthdays the following month. Batch it, baby!


One last tip: Make sure the featured agent checks in on the post a few times to respond to any comments, and they should also share this to their own social media profiles.

I hope this post helps get your creative juices flowing. Tag Home Scribe Creative on your birthday posts so I can see what you come up with!


Alyssa W. Christensen is the owner and managing editor of Home Scribe Creative. If you have any questions, she’s happy to chat!

Get in touch with Alyssa here.

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Genuine Hustle 2016: A Gathering of Community-Minded Agents

On November 10, 2016, Marguerite Giguere and Anne Jones hosted Genuine Hustle, a "gathering of community-minded agents" in Tacoma, Washington. Real estate agents came from all over the country (and even Canada!) to take part in the conference, a day packed with incredible speakers (see the complete list here!) and intensive breakout sessions the next day. 

This was the first real estate conference I had ever been to, and I also happened to be a speaker on a panel about content marketing and one of the sponsors—big thanks to Anne and Marguerite for giving me and Home Scribe Creative this opportunity! 

But before I get too much into the conference itself, as we all know, just a couple of nights before on November 8th, America elected our next president. It was an incredibly stressful day and night for me, and after the results of the election were in, I found myself in a state of shock, sadness, disappointment, and disbelief. I wasn't sure how I was going to have the focus and energy to participate in Genuine Hustle over the next few days, and I had to be up early the next morning to start preparing and meeting people in Tacoma the day before the conference. 

Who would have known that this was actually *PERFECT* timing for Genuine Hustle?! 

This gathering of community-minded real estate agents was uplifting, inspiring, and restorative. What an amazing group of people who truly care about the well-being of their communities and this country. In a time when I was feeling vulnerable as an American citizen, these people showed me sincere kindness and a feeling of safety, unity, and love. 

So you may be wondering... 

What exactly was so special about Genuine Hustle? And what does it mean to be a "community-focused" real estate agent? 

Community-focused marketing is really about being a part of the community that you work in. It's all about

  • having a real connection to your community

  • providing excellent value to your audience so people can see you as a trusted resource

  • attracting clients in a way that is authentic and sustainable over the longterm

  • being there long before someone even knows that they (or maybe their friend or family member) need you as a real estate agent.

It's about highlighting community members, local businesses, events, and important issues in your neighborhood through blog posts, videos, podcasts, social media posts, etc. It’s important to keep in mind that it won't work overnight, it’s an investment, and it needs to be treated like a priority in order for it to work. It's not easy, but as Marguerite Giguere says—"It's a long game, but it's the good game." 

So true, Michael Thorne and Jaclyn Ruckle! 

A photo posted by Stacie Staub (@staciestaub) on

A photo posted by Chavi M Hohm (@chavih) on

Throughout the day of the conference, we heard from a variety of speakers, each with their own unique take on building community as real estate agents. Michael Thorne presented on how to use video to become the "digital mayor" of your community; Amy Curtis had a post-election-fueled discussion with Marguerite Giguere on being authentic; Stacie Staub talked about how to build relationships through community events; Seth Price shared an amazing presentation on branding; Katie Lance talked about email marketing, and every single speaker that day shared a captivating presentation with real, actionable, useful information. 

And then of course, there was the content marketing panel that I was on, led by the content marketing-expert Chavi Hohm of Team Diva Real Estate. I was also on the panel with Sharon Steele of The View From My Porch and Garret Hunt and Tyler Chism of, all real estate agents who are delivering valuable community-focused content to their audiences in different ways. 

Then, there was me—not a real estate agent, but as someone who has a lot of experience working with agents on blogging and social media strategy. I shared what it can look like to outsource your blogging by sharing Marguerite Giguere's website as an example.  (I work with Marguerite on her blog and social media.) I also shared five tips for creating a content calendar, which Katie Lance conveniently tweeted:

The day ended with a talk from Nate Bowling, Washington State's 2016 Teacher of the Year. Nate's talk was titled "Intersecting Paths: The Tangled Knot of Race, Class, Education and Real Estate," and it was probably my favorite part of the day. You can watch the entire talk below (and if you want to check out any of the other talks form the day, follow Genuine Hustle on Facebook!). 

The day after the event, people who wanted to stay could gather for breakout sessions on specific topics. This was a chance for people to dive in deeper on whatever interested them most—video marketing, social media, race in real estate, etc. 

I have pages and pages of notes from the event, but this blog post is already long, so I'll be sharing those later! For now, I just want to say thank you to Anne Jones and Marguerite Giguere for planning and hosting this incredible event, and thank you to everyone else who made this once-in-a-lifetime event possible!

- Alyssa