7 Rules For Sharing Your Real Estate Blog Posts on Facebook

Do you have a beautiful blog post that you just hit the “Publish” button on? Woohoo! Congrats. Blogging can take some serious time and effort, and you don’t want to let that go to waste! 

Sharing your blog posts on Facebook is one excellent way to get the word out and gain a larger audience. Here are 7 tips on how to make your blog post look polished and professional in the newsfeeds of thousands: 

1. Always use a relevant photo! 

Generally, a photo from your blog will automatically populate the link once you post it to Facebook, but Facebook gives you the option to change the photo. Choose a new one if you think something else represents your blog post better. 

2. If you have a video, use that instead of a photo. 

Upload it directly to Facebook so it plays automatically in people’s newsfeeds, and include the link to your blog post in the text portion of the video post. This is a great way to capture the attention of potential clients—many real estate agents still don’t utilize video, and this is a chance for you to show off your amazing social media skills!

3. Delete unnecessary links.

After you paste your URL into the message field and the link “populates” (i.e. a thumbnail preview of your blog post appears below), delete the URL from the message. It makes your post look cluttered, and there’s no need to include it when the preview will link to your blog.

4. Keep text clean and concise. 

Try to keep things short and succinct. Tell people key details about the blog post that will encourage them to learn more. We recommend no more than 3-4 sentences. If it suits the post, consider asking a question that users can answer in the comments to encourage engagement and conversation. Also, avoid using LOTS OF CAPS and lots of exclamation marks to attract attention!!!!!!!!!!!!! (See? It’s kind of annoying!) 

5. Spend money to make sure your post is seen.

 “Boosting” or “sponsoring” a post on Facebook is the best way to ensure people—even those who already like your page—see it. Depending on the content and your audience, even just $5 can go a long way toward getting your blog post in front of hundreds or thousands of people. 

6. Edit the title and featured text. 

After you've copied and pasted a link into your Facebook post, it may or may not have auto-populated correctly. The good news is that you can easily edit both the title and featured text. (The image on the left shows you exactly what we mean!) We recommend that the featured text offers a preview of the blog post's text.

7. Proofread your text.

 Finally, take a final look at what you’ve written. Read it out loud, have a friend check for errors, and then… hit “post”!

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