Meet Alyssa W. Christensen, Owner & Managing Editor of Home Scribe Creative


When Alyssa was 10 years old, she started a weekly email newsletter called “Alyssa’s Journal.” Every week, she would mimic the magazines she loved to read, putting together articles and photos to send out to her email list of a whopping 10 subscribers. When Alyssa finally moved on to writing for her junior high newspaper, over 150 issues of “Alyssa’s Journal” had been sent.

In the years since, she has continued to use this creativity as a content strategist and writer, working alongside real estate agents to help them communicate clearly and effectively online.

Alyssa believes that any piece of content you put out into the world should demonstrate who you are. Whether it’s a blog post highlighting your favorite local businesses or a beautifully branded image for Instagram, Alyssa can help you work by attraction and create meaningful connections with clients you’ll love to work with.

Alyssa has partnered with real estate brokerages, teams, and single agents. From developing in-depth 12-month content strategies that will steer your marketing plan to diving into the nitty gritty of exactly how to best distribute your latest video, Alyssa can help you build your online presence from the ground up or jump in to help you refresh and refine. She is also the co-creator of Mastering the Art of Community Marketing, an e-course she developed with Marguerite Martin.

In addition to running Home Scribe Creative, Alyssa also is the founder of, a website dedicated to showing English majors all that is possible with an English degree. Alyssa is also the author of From Graduation to Career Ready in 21 Days: A Guide for English Majors.

Previously as an editor at Cake Central Magazine, Alyssa curated, wrote, and edited content for both the print publication of the magazine and She also worked as a copywriter at Zulily where she crafted on-brand product descriptions and contributed to their daily newsletter with over 15 million subscribers.

Alyssa holds an English degree from the University of Puget Sound. She lives in Seattle with her husband Ben and their elderly chihuahua Bella, and they love to travel, try the newest restaurant in town, and take Bella for walks. Alyssa and Ben enjoy dabbling in real estate as well—they own a long-term rental and also run an Airbnb.